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Alamar community residents at a birthday party in Avondale, Arizona

22 December . 2019

The Sonoran Desert's Next Great Community

Alamar is your new home with a heart.

The Sonoran Desert’s sunsets are famous. Those pinks and oranges lighting up cotton-candy clouds. That fiery sun dancing like a brilliant red mirage above the horizon. It happens every evening like clockwork—and yet it never gets old, especially when it’s right there in your backyard, where you can appreciate a nightly light show whether you’re on a walk with the dog, chatting with friends at the park, or sitting down to a patio dinner with the family. At Alamar, the views are endless.

There’s a new kind of master-planned community rising from the Sonoran Desert, just 19 miles from Downtown Phoenix, in the tight-knit City of Avondale. Set amid the Tres Rios Base Meridian and Wildlife Area, at the foot of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, Alamar is a community with soul, designed with green spaces at every turn and built for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Located on a historic site formerly owned and farmed by the Lakin family, the 1,130-acre development will open late 2020 with a first phase of 461 community homes that fit right in with the natural surroundings and rich history.

Alamar is a new kind of community—and the thread that connects every experience is the great outdoors. Families and friends meet along miles of trails and at dozens of parks located mere steps from every front door. Young families gather around more than 30 half-acre playgrounds, picnic tables, and shaded ramadas. Three larger two-to-three-acre Community Parks will also offer more recreational activities: swimming in the community’s pool, barbecuing and picnicking, and playing soccer, baseball, or basketball. And a 41.5-acre Regional Park developed in partnership with the City of Avondale will include a lake, playing fields, sports courts, and an amphitheater for live events, concerts, and seasonal festivals.

What makes Alamar a true home is its sense of community and thriving resident social life. Resident-inspired clubs bring people together with shared interests, whether practicing a favorite hobby or supporting a local cause. Alamar’s seasonal events and celebrations keep residents connected throughout the year as well as provide the canvas for well-loved traditions and milestone moments.These special experiences are for one and all at Alamar, bringing a true sense of community to every day.

Alamar is committed to improving the lives of its residents on every level, especially when its comes to education. At the core of this community will be a new K–8 school that’s part of the City of Avondale’s school system. The 21-acre school site will be a place for education as well as outdoor activities, with six acres dedicated to public sports fields and recreational spaces, giving children the freedom and safety of exploration, discovering new friendships in green spaces designed especially for them. With Alamar’s Public Art Program, there’s even more education outside of the classroom. Discover custom artworks among the acres of parks and vast green spaces, each inspired by Alamar’s agrarian heritage and mountain views. These sculptures and creative installations turn a walk in the park into a creative and educational experience for all.

You’ll find there’s a true sense of community at Alamar—one where nature, family, and tradition come together in one thoughtfully designed place. Here, all are welcome: growing families, young couples, commuting professionals, and empty nesters embarking on their next exciting phase of life. Come discover the new West Valley at Alamar, where you’ll find a new quality of life—and where you’ll always feel wholeheartedly at home.