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  • What is Alamar?

    Alamar is a one-of-a-kind master-planned community in Arizona’s West Valley that celebrates the Sonoran Desert’s rich natural assets: the Sierra Estrella Mountains and close proximity to the surrounding desert, rivers, and mountains. Developed by Brookfield Residential in partnership with the City of Avondale, the community is spread over 1,150 acres, with approximately 4,000 homes, acres of green parks, more than 9 miles of nature trails, and welcoming landscaped streets.

    The framework of Alamar supports health, wellness, and active outdoor living, while providing continuous opportunities for residents and visitors to connect and engage on a daily basis. Spacious, highly amenitized parks will serve as the main gathering spots for residents, from a 40 acre Regional Park where residents and the public can enjoy large events to Community and Neighborhood Parks that will serve as social hubs for residents and their guests. An extensive network of green walking, biking, and exercise trails will also connect recreational spaces within the community.

  • Who is Brookfield Residential?

    Brookfield Residential is a leading North American land developer and new home builder that creates award-winning master-planned communities. With a reputation for driving innovation, efficiency, and design, Brookfield is committed to building sustainable, earth-friendly communities with green home designs and construction. Each new development is uniquely considered and shaped to respect the land, enrich the way people live and work, and have a positive impact on the community at large. The result is lasting neighborhoods that provide comfort, inclusiveness, and a sense of place.

  • Where is Alamar located?

    Alamar is located in Southwest Avondale, at the foothills of the Sierra Estrella Mountains. Just 19 miles from Downtown Phoenix, it is close enough to the city for easy commutes, yet ideally positioned near all of Avondale’s natural amenities, including the Tres Rios Base Meridian and Wildlife Area, the Sierra Estrella Mountains, and the Salt, Gila, and Agua Fria Rivers.

    Alamar is conveniently located south of Lower Buckeye Road and north of the planned State Route 30 Highway. The entryway to the community is at Avondale Blvd. and Broadway Road. Just 3.7 miles south of the I-10, Alamar is minutes away by car to retail shops, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, professional services, office complexes, entertainment, and employment corridors.

  • What makes Alamar unique?

    Alamar is distinguished by its welcoming environment. Situated amid the serene beauty of the Sonoran Desert in the shadows of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, Alamar takes full advantage of its natural resources. With more than 20 half-acre parks, miles of nature trails, and inviting green spaces all around, the community offers a lifestyle rooted in healthy, outdoor living with activities designed to engage residents around shared interests. All you have to do is step outside to enjoy a connected lifestyle where neighbors gather at parks, clubs, and events. Safe streets and an integrated school system provide families with a sense of comfort, community, and security.

  • What are the residential opportunities at Alamar?

    At buildout, Alamar will feature approximatly 4,000 uniquely built homes by multiple builders across 1,150 acres of parks, trails, and welcoming streets. Built in conjunction with the nation’s leading home builders, there are four distinct architectural styles—Spanish Colonial, Craftsman/Bungalow, Territorial Ranch, and Traditional Southwest—each designed to promote individual character among the neighborhoods and add to the community’s overall street scenes.

  • Who will live at Alamar?

    Alamar is designed for families, couples, and singles who value community, security, and a healthy lifestyle. With close proximity to Downtown Phoenix’s commercial center, Alamar will appeal to commuters seeking a quiet, safe, and connected community to come home to after work. It’s for first-time homebuyers looking for great value and a place to set down roots. It’s for families with children seeking quality education and a safe environment where kids can freely enjoy the great outdoors and make new friends. It’s for those who seek a community that facilitates connectivity with neighbors and people of all ages.

  • What unique community features will Alamar have?

    • A 40-acre public Regional Park, complete with multi-purpose ball fields, shade ramadas, basketball and tennis courts, a dog park, picnic areas, and a lake.

    • Three 2- to 3-acre Parks, some of which will feature a community pool, ball fields, and shade ramadas.

    • More than 20 highly amenitized Neighborhood Parks with shade ramadas, picnic benches, and play equipment tailored to the residents within each neighborhood

    • An expansive future 9.5-mile green trail system

    • Lakin Preparatory Academy – a future 21-acre K–8 elementary school

    • A robust Community Art Program

    • A future 16-acre Commercial Plaza

    • A future 3-acre Public Safety Facility

    • Generous green open spaces

  • What does the Regional Park offer?

    Supported by Alamar and the City of Avondale, the 40 acre Regional Park is for families and friends to gather around shared outdoor activities. The green park with a lake and picnic areas has something for everyone: multi-purpose ball fields, basketball and tennis courts, a splash pad, a dog park, and generous spaces for live events, concerts, and seasonal festivals.

  • How many parks does Alamar have?

    Alamar is home to more than 20 Neighborhood Parks, each uniquely fitted for the surrounding residents: Young families gather around playgrounds, picnic tables, and shaded ramadas, while families with older children enjoy more dynamic installations just outside their front doors. Three larger Community Parks, each 2-4 acres, serve clusters of neighborhoods with a pool, play structures, and ball fields. Here, residents can socialize under shaded canopies while watching their children play, make new friends, and enjoy barbeques and shared meals at picnic tables.

  • What else is there to do at Alamar?

    Winding through the Alamar community is a 9.5-mile trail system offering safe and convenient paths for walking, biking, and jogging with views of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, desert landscapes, and rivers. These trails connect neighborhoods and dozens of parks, as well as link to Avondale’s popular regional trails and scenic corridors along the Agua Fria and Gila Rivers for easy access to a healthy lifestyle right at your doorstep.

    Along the trails and in parks, neighbors can take in a variety of unique artworks from Alamar’s Public Art Program, which commissioned dozens of custom pieces by award-winning artists. Each iconic piece will be integrated into the landscapes to enliven the scenery and bring culture and beauty to its residents. Sculptures, integrated art and other installations for all ages inspired by Alamar’s agrarian heritage and mountain-view setting turn a walk in the park into a creative and educational experience.

  • Will Alamar have a Community Association?

    Yes, all Alamar residents have the advantage of a Community Association under the management of cohere. The Alamar Community Association, Inc. provides spirited, dynamic leadership in Alamar by cultivating a rich variety of activities and programs and by preserving special community landscapes and neighborhood settings. Governed by a Board of Directors, the Alamar Community Association works in partnership with residents to create a strong, active, and caring community.

    Information about Alamar’s Community Association can be found at the bottom of the website under Community Governance.

  • What school district is Alamar in?

    Alamar is located within the Littleton Elementary School District, which currently has two schools nearby. Coming Fall 2023 is Lakin Preparatory Academy – a new 21-acre K-8 elementary school within the community. Walkable from many neighborhoods in the community, the centrally located school has six acres dedicated to sports fields and recreational spaces.

    Within close proximity to Alamar, there are also a host of other schools that offer a range of services and programs to fit the needs of all resident families, including alternate public and charter schools.

  • What other resident amenities are at Alamar?

    Alamar will have a 3-acre Public Safety Facility in conjunction with the City of Avondale, with a dedicated fire station, ensuring fast response times when it matters most. A 16-acre Commercial Center near Avondale Boulevard and Broadway Road will include options for various mixed retail, entertainment, and professional services.