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Alamar community dog walkers outdoors in West Valley Arizona

19 August . 2020

Driving West Valley Growth

When Alamar was just a vision only a few short years ago, we imagined a community centered around rich connections and spirited engagement, where residents weren’t just neighbors but friends – where life was simple and dreams were big. Now that ideal is becoming a reality.

As we prepare for Alamar’s grand opening this October, the rest of the Valley is now taking notice.  The Phoenix Business Journal highlighted Alamar in its latest report on the West Valley’s phenomenal housing growth, cleverly titled “A West Side Story.” Readers are greeted with a panoramic image of the first Alamar homes rising up in the embrace of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, where a network of trails, summits and rivers enliven families to walk, run, bike, and play outdoors. The image invokes a sense of opportunity that’s building in the foothills of Avondale and waiting to burst wide open.

Anchored by a storied agrarian past and driven by a thriving economy, Avondale is fast becoming the darling of the West Valley. Yet, even as Avondale grows, its small-town charm remains. Take a drive down the tree-lined streets and you’ll see a city committed to historical preservation, one that honors diversity through cultural events and festivities with food, music and activities. An expansive network of green spaces and miles of scenic trails offer respite for the weary. Meanwhile, the city’s public art sets it apart aesthetically, while creating a unique sense of place and community identity that celebrates the past and embraces the future. For those who’ve been here, they know that Avondale isn’t just a place. It’s an experience.

Soon, Alamar will draw thousands of new families to Avondale, bringing more talent to the city’s robust industry, tax revenue for further economic development, and a demand for new products and services. Some may be attracted to the timeless, lasting neighborhoods where families can meet lifelong friends, grow and flourish. Others may be drawn to the safety and freedom of having direct access to more than 30 neighborhood parks – each accented by custom art installations that provide the backdrop for daily discoveries. Regardless of the reason, Alamar is on the crest of Avondale’s emergence as an ideal home for today’s families, and it’s only the beginning.