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Avondale Arizona rendering from above, economic growth and city planning

01 October . 2020

In the News – Alamar to Provide Workforce, Revenue for Avondale’s Growing Economy

InBusiness Magazine – October 2020

With a strong focus on economic growth and smart city planning, Avondale has fast become a top destination for new development. And this month, the city welcomes a valuable addition to its economic engine with the grand opening of Alamar, a 3,695-home, 1,127-acre master-planned community near the proposed Arizona State Route 30. This innovative community is the result of years of planning and collaboration between Brookfield Residential and the City of Avondale — with a goal of creating a carefully orchestrated community that complements Avondale and helps shape the future of the City and West Valley.

This is great news for Avondale, as Alamar will contribute to the local economy in various ways, adding new income, jobs and additional tax revenue. According to estimates based on a recent report by the National Association of Homebuilders, the community could contribute as much as $188 million annually to the local economy once Alamar’s homes fill out and the project is complete. Alamar comes at an opportune time for the region, as housing inventory holds tight, demand remains healthy and employers seek fresh talent needed for continued growth.

As the largest masterplan to come to the Valley since Mesa’s Eastmark in 2013, Alamar will also serve as the site for several important local additions: a 40-acre regional park and a new K–8 elementary school. Brookfield is working closely with the Littleton Elementary School District to introduce a curriculum that can enhance academic achievement of the school and the District as a whole.

From a cultural perspective, Brookfield has partnered with top Arizona artists to create Alamar’s highly anticipated Public Art Program, an extension of Avondale’s own Public Art Campaign. Together, these programs represent a commitment to maintaining the history of Avondale’s agrarian heritage and mountain-view setting, even as the city undergoes rapid change. The artist’s creations will be featured in each of the more than 30 neighborhood parks and three community parks.

In addition to its partnership with the City, Brookfield has also aligned with several outstanding professional partners: high-quality homebuilders Shea, Gehan, Taylor Morrison, Landsea, Capital West and David Weekley, to achieve great home design and craft beautiful neighborhoods, and famed architecture and land planning firm Swaback Partners and DMB Community Life, to provide residents with the cultural connectivity and long-term tools important to successful placemaking.

Unveiled with Social Distancing

Brookfield Residential is unveiling Alamar to the public on Saturday, Oct. 10, but with an innovative twist due to the safety concerns of the pandemic. Potential homebuyers will be able to tour Alamar from the comfort and safety of their own car, while a pre-recorded radio message (available with all car AM/FM radios) plays on loop and guides them with details of what they are seeing throughout the 1,127-acre community.